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Japanese to English Translation

Experience fast, accurate, and reliable translation services with me! My Japanese to English translations are certified by the American Translators Association and are never machine translations. Although I use various types of software to help me arrive at the highest-quality results, I believe that only humans can fully understand human language, and I carefully edit whatever I send out under my name.

I have been providing translations from Japanese to English for 40 years, specializing in patents and in journal articles and other documents in the chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical fields.

I am an active member of the American Translators Association (a past administrator of its Japanese Language Division) and have many contacts with other translators through it.

Other types of documents I regularly work on are personal items such as family registers (koseki – used in Japan for recording births, marriages, divorces, deaths, etc.), driver’s licenses, and recently, the documentation for purchase of a dog from an animal shelter. 


I look forward to working with you. To get a quote for a project, more information about rates, and anything else, please send me the form below:



American Translators Association Japanese-to-English translation certification seal
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Thanks for submitting!

Jon Johanning

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